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Bride on the Beach

Say ‘I do’ to a destination wedding with Sunset Travel ltd! An exotic location far from home can be the most romantic wedding of all. Our dedicated team of travel experts will be with you every step of the way when planning your special day, providing their expertise on everything from resort recommendations to deposit options based on the size of your wedding group.

Beach Wedding Canopy


One-on-One Consultation.


Certification and Translation of Important Documents


Professional Preparation

Bride and Groom

Statement of Disclosure

in engaging the services of Sunset Travel for your wedding/honeymoon registry and travel arrangements, you agree to the following:

  1. An initial, non-refundable fee of $150, to be paid by cash or cheque, which will be applied towards the final        payments 
  2. All deposits and final payments due on any arrangements will be paid from the funds in your Sunset Travel Registry Account. If the funds are not available in your account, you will be responsible for making the payments on or before applicable due dates take effect (please be advised that many suppliers require final payments as much as 60 days prior to departures)
  3. Should you decide to cancel your wedding/honeymoon travel arrangements, all funds in your registry will be refunded to you, less the original $150 non-refundable fee, or 10% of the monies in the account, which ever is greater, plus any non-refundable deposits and cancellation fees imposed by the airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, etc. It will be the registered couples responsibility to refund their contributions back to their guests. 


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